How one woman’s act of kindness has inspired her neighborhood to help the homeless


We are Standing For Houston by celebrating the heroes who live Nextdoor. Tamara Kic, who lives in the Heights, reminds us that one person not only can make a difference, they can also inspire others.

Like all of us, Kic watched the world change overnight. She wanted to help. The Houston mother is battling a rare form of cancer. She knows masks make a difference.

“I thought, well I can make these and put them on Nextdoor Houston and give them away to people in the neighborhood,” Kic said.

Her first post read something like this:

“Hey neighbors. I have masks available. First come. First served.”

“So I thought, well I’ll make 100. Then I made 200. Well, I’m still making them. I’m up to 1,120. Because I want to help people.”

Neighbors want to help Kic. Linda Rogero and Clark Conner donated bags of fabric. Angelina Vasquez offered to help sew masks. Kic’s sister stepped up to help. Neighbor Angie Jones is cutting fabric and other neighbors are donating thread and elastic, which is hard to find.

“It really became, like, a community effort.”

An effort that stretched beyond their Heights neighborhood. People are tipping Kic as a way to say thank you for the face coverings. Kic is donating all of those tips to the Star of Hope.

The organization works to end homelessness. Right now, that’s an uphill battle.

Hank Rush, President and CEO of Star of Hope, writes:

“We almost certainly will see a surge in homeless men, women and children needing help and care over the next 12-18 months due to the loss of jobs and the depletion of government special aid.”

“I really want to get that word out there that they really need help,” Kic said.

People are inspired by Kic’s donations, so they’re making donations to Star of Hope in Kic’s name.

“It started out as a little thing and it became a beautiful thing.”

A hero next door reminds us that one random act of kindness can always inspire another.